Friday, June 5, 2009

So who should dance next?

Ho hum, it's the off-season for Dancing with the Stars. But that doesn't keep me from ruminating over which celebrities should appear on the show next! Here are a few names I'm throwing into the ring of possibilty.

Kelly Ripa. She's funny, perky, bubbly, a bit annoying at times, looks like she could probably actually dance to boot. She fits the DWTS contestant dossier to a T.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck. She's controversial but tries so hard to stand her ground. I don't know that she'd have the time between The View and the younguns, but you never know.

Michael Jordan. Okay, so this one's a pipe dream. If he can generate 1/4 of the magic that he creates on the basketball court in the Ballroom, he'd win for sure.

One of the Usual Suspects from the MTV Trash-Reality Shows like The Real World and The Gaunlet, or one of the gals from one of the Housewives of... shows. I bet one of those chicks from The Gauntlet would add spice to DWTS; or maybe she'd just learn some classy behavior. That would be a shocker. If Melissa Rycroft is a celebrity, so are these fist-pumping, wine glass-toting mini-rebels.

I'm sure I can come up with more, but I've gotta jet. Til next time!

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